Welcome New Businesses!

Below is a list of new businesses that recently opened up in town. And check out the list of nearly 1800 businesses in town on our website at www.stcharlesil.gov/business/listings to see all you can choose from right here in St. Charles. Remember to Think St. Charles when you shop!

East Gateway

Ivy Rehab                                         1502 E Main St                   630-797-5658        Physical Therapy

Property Shop Renovations        1800 Huntington Rd         630-328-3872        Renovation


East Gateway Industrial

Johnson Water Condition            1830 Wallace Ave, Ste 222         630-407-1700        Water Filtration Systems

Emerald Restoration & Cleaning            1830 Wallace Ave, Ste 216         630-293-4300            Restoration & Cleaning

Brian King                                         1830 Wallace Ave,  Ste 210        630-202-4653        Sports Coaching


West Gateway

Property Mgmt. Specialist           830 W. Main St., Ste A                 847-845-6067        Property Mgmt.

Cedar Tree Counseling                  1400 Lincoln Hwy, Ste  A             630-397-1900        Individual & Family Counseling

Versailles Nail Spa                          2053 W Lincoln Hwy                     630-513-5958        Nail Salon